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The Daily Telegraph: “Sydney Gold Traders offers the highest price for gold jewellery”

From the story ‘Gold prices soar but shopping centre buyers not paying up’


Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Good prices.

04/07/2014  B. Jukks

Careful analysis and fair prices

24/09/2014  Panda

Very efficient and professional. Price received was competitive and was very pleased.


Very friendly and professional service. Very honest. We have had business here before and with certainty do so again.

17/09/2014 Fay

Very professional ladies, received money worth of my gold jewellery. Excellent customer service. Recommend to others. First came with friend, weeks later. I returned for myself. Very happy.


Thorough and friendly service, quite knowledgeable and aware of market rate and trends in pricing.

15/08/2014  Julie. C

Thank you for your honest approach and the quick service.

07/09/2014  Angelo

I decided to part from some family jewellery and came to ask SGT for some opinions. They are extremely professional and very caring and understanding of the situation and the feelings and emotions attached with the family jewellery. Thank you for being very professional.


I found it a pleasure to visit gold traders and found the team to be friendly, professional and courteous. I was more than happy with the valuation of my gold jewellery.

04/07/2014  Cosimo

Very happy with the result of all the gold and silver I sold to Sydney Gold Traders. It was worth to drive. Paid at a good rate.

05/08/2014 Terry 

Good and efficient service. Offered a higher price than others in the area.

07/05/2014  Kim

  • Appreciated that everything was done in front of me. I could see the weighing of gold and checking what carat it was.
  • Encourage confidence in honesty of Sydney Gold Traders.
  • Jeweller had recommended a feel and feel it was a good recommendation.
  • Polite, courteous staff.

16/05/2014  W Cohen

I have always been extremely satisfied when I come to your business. The staff are pleasant and proficient. I would not consider trading with any other deals in NSW.

30/05/2014  Mayank

One of the best customer service with a very friendly staff. Most reliable.

05/05/2014  Marion

Very efficient and pleasant to deal with and professional in all services.

11/06/2014  Gemma

The staff were friendly, communicated clearly about what service was offered and made sure I understood how my item was valued and the current gold trading amount.
Thank you!