Gold Needs Buyers Now.

Gold needs buyers. Not the short term trading types, the physical owners who understand the basis for Gold as a reserve currency. It needs someone to tell stock market longs at all time highs that if they  do not adjust their exposure in….

Six Reasons Why Bitcoin Will ‘Never’ Replace Gold – Analyst

(Kitco News) – Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin continue to make new highs while hurting commodities, especially one asset class with a long history — gold. The ongoing debate in the financial community is whether bitcoin (or other cryptos) will replace gold. But, one analyst….

Diamonds Or Gold: Which Makes A Better Safe-Haven?

Are diamonds the new safe-haven hedge against volatility? This Singapore’s exchange thinks so. Singapore Diamond Investment Exchange (SDiX) has introduced a credit card-sized package of diamonds for those risk-off investors who want to protect themselves against any market instability. “A diamond has absolutely….

German Investors Choose Gold To Protect Their Wealth – WGC

(Kitco News) – Germans invested a hefty $7 billion into gold products in 2016, the World Gold Council (WGC) said in its October market update, adding that there is more room to grow. WGC pointed out that traders in Germany choose to protect….

Yes, Gold Is Under Pressure But Not For Long – ABN Amro

(Kitco News) – Gold prices are struggling due to U.S. yields and have potential to fall further, but a recovery for the metal is coming, says ABN Amro. “The rally in gold, silver and platinum prices came to a halt on 8 September….

Turkey To Make Use Of 2,200 Tons Of Gold Stashed ‘Under Mattresses’

(Kitco News) – The Turkish people have reportedly stashed gold “under mattresses” and the government wants a piece. Officials want to make use of the bullion by issuing “gold bonds and the gold-based rent certificates,” the Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Simsek said on….