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Sydney Gold Traders

Sydney Gold Traders is a small Australian-owned business focused on building long-term relationships with clients by offering the highest possible prices for unwanted precious metals. Our transparent evaluation process enables clients to understand how their pieces are assessed and valued. By stepping clients through the valuation process, we give them the information they need to make an informed decision about whether or not they want to sell their pieces.


How to sell

  • 1. Bring in your items in for evaluation
  • 2. Test and value in front of you
  • 3. Collect cash immediately


"I inherited a lot of gold jewellery, so I took it to the guys at Sydney Gold Traders. They gave me a great price for what I expected was a lot less in value. I cannot recommend them enough. Great service and really easy to deal with."
Stephanie Fairey27/03/2019
"Wonderful experience selling some old gold jewellery to finance our honeymoon! Awesome service, professional and knowledgeable, and we will be using them again. Thanks guys."
"Very happy with the result of all the gold and silver I sold to Sydney Gold Traders. It was well worth the drive. Paid at a good rate." 

Specialists in purchasing unwanted precious metals including


Metal AUD$ per gram
Gold Bullion $[gold_bid currency=”aud” purity=”0.93″ unit=”g” weight=”1″]
Silver Bullion $[silver_bid currency=”aud” purity=”0.83″ unit=”g” weight=”1″]
Pure Gold Jewellery $[gold_bid currency=”aud” purity=”0.87″ unit=”g” weight=”1″]
Pure Silver Jewellery $[silver_bid currency=”aud” purity=”0.75″ unit=”g” weight=”1″]
Platinum $[platinum_bid currency=”aud” purity=”0.65″ unit=”g” weight=”1″]
Palladium $[palladium_bid currency=”aud” purity=”0.65″ unit=”g” weight=”1″]


Metal AUD$ per gram
9ct Gold $[gold_bid currency=”aud” purity=”0.32625″ unit=”g” weight=”1″]
14ct Gold $[gold_bid currency=”aud” purity=”0.50895″ unit=”g” weight=”1″]
18ct Gold $[gold_bid currency=”aud” purity=”0.6525″ unit=”g” weight=”1″]
21ct Gold $[gold_bid currency=”aud” purity=”0.76125″ unit=”g” weight=”1″]
22ct Gold $[gold_bid currency=”aud” purity=”0.79692″ unit=”g” weight=”1″]