What Is The Real Monetary Value Of The Rio Olympics Gold Medal?


The Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games is being billed as the “Biggest Sporting Event on the Planet.” It’s difficult to argue against that claim as more than 11,000 athletes will be competing in 28 sports and 42 disciplines for the event’s ultimate prize:….

Gold bar found in East Victoria Park by cleaners


Tayissa Barone – The West Australian on April 18, 2016, 4:45 am How do you lose a 2.5kg gold bar? Someone in Perth has managed to do it and – thanks to the honesty of a cleaner – the search is on for….

How Much Money will I Get if I Want to Sell Gold?


Selling your old unwanted gold is big business. You always want to get a good price. With the up-and-down prices in recent years, finding out the real experts among the flock of gold buyers can be tricky. You don’t know which one could….

Know how your gold value is determined before you decided to sell your gold


Three variables affect the amount a seller might get for scrap gold: The item’s gold purity Its weight Gold’s daily spot price on the stock market. The item’s gold purity *Carat : the unit of measurement for the proportion of gold in an….

4 Steps to Sell Your Old Gold


If you have unwanted gold that you hope to exchange into cash. You can sell your gold jewellery in a shop, online or at a garage sales. Don’t just go to anywhere that buys gold, you might get ripped off. Here are some….

Gold prices soar but shopping centre buyers not paying up


  Rosemarie Lentini | The Daily Telegraph | January 05, 2012 12:00AM Gold prices are on the way up. Top buyer Jerry Zheng at his CBD business. Picture: Adam Ward WITH gold prices soaring and licensed traders willing to pay up to 80….