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Sydney Gold Traders is part of a network of business partners who work together to provide precious metal products and services. By partnering with other organisations we are able to provide our clients with the full range of products and services from a network of people we trust.


Australian Gold and Silver Exchange offers a wide range of bullion products and services for investors of all size. They are one of the largest Australian suppliers of physical bullion, and are a trusted provider of gold and silver products and services for investors and collectors around the world.

All AGSX products are produced to the highest possible quality standards

We recommend their investment-grade coins and bars of bullion, because they are manufactured to the highest quality standards. We pay 100% of the spot price for any AGSX gold or silver bullion products.

AGSX is an official distributor for Australia’s government mints, the Perth Mint and Royal Australian Mint, and holds an Australian Financial Services Licence.

You will not be charged GST when you buy investment-grade bullion from AGSX

Because AGSX’s bullion products pure precious metals, they are classified as investment products by the Australian Taxation Office, and as such, are not subject to GST. You will not be charged GST on any bullion you buy from AGSX.

AGSX produce a wide range of products for investors of all size

Whether you are starting investing or are looking to invest a significant amount in precious metals, AGSX has a top-quality product for you. They sell a variety of investment-grade coins and bars of bullion in different sizes from producers including Perth Mint, US Mint, Canadian Mint, as well as their own range of unique products.


1. What is Bullion?

Bullion is the word used to describe gold and silver in their purest form. Coins, bars and ingots containing pure precious metals are generally reserved for investment.

2. Does all bullion contain a premium?

All forms of bullion include a premium. In general, larger pieces will contain lower premiums than smaller items.

3. Does bullion contain GST?

Bullion is classified by the Australian Taxation Office as an investment product, and as such, is not subject to GST. When you buy bullion in Australia, you will not be charged GST.

4. Do you offer quantity discount?

We do offer discounts for bulk orders. You can find out if your order qualifies when you select the amount you wish to purchase. Each item has a threshold above which a discount applies.

5. Do bullion products come with a certificate of authenticity?

All bullion products are embossed with their fineness and weight. This information forms part of their design, and verifies their authenticity from the mint where they were produced.

6. What are your trading hours?

Our trading hours are between Mondays to Fridays 10am to 5pm.

7. Can I buy bullion on a Saturday?

Bullion trading markets are closed on weekends; however, we do offer a limited selection of collectable coins you can buy from our store on a Saturday between 11am and 3pm. Please contact us for more information about what is available for purchase.

8. Can I store my coins and bullion with you?

Unfortunately we are unable to store your items. Please contact us immediately if you are unable to collect your purchases for any reason, so we can make alternative arrangements.

Australian Gold and Silver Exchange

Level 7 Suite 2
428 George St
Sydney NSW 2000

T: +61 (02) 9222 7888
F: +61 (02) 9222 7868

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