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Teranga CEO Upbeat About West African Projects, Price Of Gold

Richard Young Further, Richard Young said, the Central Bank of West Africa States has expressed an interest in accumulating gold – one of the forms of demand that leaves him …

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Gold Prices Choppy Amid FOMC Meeting, Fiery Trump Speech

(Kitco News) – Gold saw trading on both sides of unchanged in a choppy session Tuesday. The marketplace is awaiting the results of the Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee (FOMC) …

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Turkey To Make Use Of 2,200 Tons Of Gold Stashed ‘Under Mattresses’

(Kitco News) – The Turkish people have reportedly stashed gold “under mattresses” and the government wants a piece. Officials want to make use of the bullion by issuing “gold bonds …

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Bitcoin Is Bitting Away At Gold’s Safe-haven Appeal – Mohamed El-Erian

“Cryptocurrencies are not going away anytime soon and are part of gold’s problems,” said Mohamed El-Erian, former PIMCO head and chief economic advisor for Allianz, during CME Group’s annual precious …

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Gold Up in Choppy, 2-Sided Session

Gold prices were ending a choppy U.S. trading day with slight gains Thursday. Prices traded on both sides of unchanged during the day session. Several fundamental elements were at work …

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Ex-UBS Precious Metals Trader Accused Of Manipulating Markets

In another case of market “spoofing,” a former UBS trader was charged with manipulating gold, silver, platinum and palladium prices. Conspiracy, wire fraud and commodities fraud are among the charges …

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Interviews Is Gold Overpriced? This Bullish Firm Thinks So

(Kitco News) – Even though geopolitical tensions could push gold to much higher levels, currently the precious metal remains overpriced, says one expert. “Gold has the ability to test $1,400 …

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News Bites Before Getting Apple’s iPhone 8, Recycle The Gold!

Kitco News – It’s September and you know what that means…Apple is unveiling a new iPhone. On September 12, the tech giant will be holding an event to showcase the …

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Gold Weaker Amid Upbeat Trader/Investor Attitudes…For Now

(Kitco News) – Gold prices were ending the U.S. day session moderately lower Tuesday. A “risk-on” trader and investor mentality in the marketplace early this week is keeping the safe-haven …

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Gold Demand Secure As Stock Market Pullbacks To Intensify

(Kitco News) – Gold is outperforming several U.S. stocks this year, surprising many investors with its great returns amid increased geopolitical tensions, said the World Gold Council’s director of investment …

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