Recent Filings Show Billionaires Not Giving Up On Gold Yet

(Kitco News) -Even if gold saw its steepest one-day drop in nearly six weeks on Tuesday, big shot investors aren’t giving up on the metal just yet with billionaire John Paulson among them. Recent government filings showed that New York-based Paulson & Co…..

Gold Cures Cancer? New Study Finds Promising Results

(Kitco News) – Tiny specks of gold can help patients battle cancer, according to a new study from Edinburgh University. The idea is that the precious metal can make other drugs prescribed to treat lung cancer more effective, the research stated. Scientists worked….

U.K. Bans Paying Wages In Gold In Attempt To Curb Tax Evasion

(Kitco News) – It is no longer legal for employers to pay salaries in gold bullion, ruled an expert tax avoidance panel in the U.K. This was a first attempt to use a new law to curb “morally repugnant” tax avoidance schemes, The….

Gold Prices Are ‘A Little Too Rich’ For This Analyst

(Kitco News) – This week’s gold gains have been a bit too much for this analyst’s comfort, who says a reversal is in order as the Fed is bound to raise rates one more time this year in what already is a risk-on….

255k Ounces Worth of Gold Up For Grabs At Mega Millions Lottery

Another lottery is making headlines, this time the Mega Millions $323 million jackpot, which will be drawn Friday at 11p.m. EDT. “The tenth largest jackpot in the history of Mega Millions will be up for grabs on Friday, August 4, after no ticket….

These 4 Drivers Are Not Helping Gold Right Now – ANG Traders

(Kitco News) – Gold tends to follow four correlated markets and right now, these drivers look to be limiting the yellow metal’s advance, say analysts from ANG Traders. In a recent report, the analysts compared gold to the U.S. dollar index (DXY), inflation….